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Sorry, what I meant is that it needs a MMU to run properly on "030 Cycle Exact" *and* it needs too that I turn off "More compatible" and turn on "Unimplemented FPU emu"...

But now came to my mind, when I was ready to generate the config files and logs, that the option "More compatible" is ghosted when there isnt any accelerator board selected, however it can be "toggled" on/off when I select a accelerator. Thus before the accelerator board was implemented, was impossible to run NetSurf with the recent additions to WinUAE core, because the option would be always ghosted and the option is selected by default...

At last that is what I got when I ran B12, and selected Blizzard 1230 with "cycle exact" turned on.

Is this correct, and you would "let" I generate the logs for a more complex configuration (without accelerator versus with accelerator), even knowing it is more trouble for you?

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