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Super League 2021: Round 11 - Super Cars II

Super Cars II [lemon] [hol]
"The aim is simple, finish in the top five and qualify for the next race. The winners get heaps of cash to lavish on their motor, turning it into a high-speed killing machine that will take all corners." - Trenton Webb, Amiga Format. May 1991.

Round Ends: 23:59 (UK Time) on Saturday 25th September 2021

  • Get the best score you can, during this round.
  • Post screenshots of your score in this thread, and write the score nearby.
  • Scores to be achieved without save-states, trainers, passwords, and cheats.
  • No continues or infinite score leeching.
  • Finish the game and post a screenshot of the end for the completion star.
  • Full rules and info are HERE.
Special Scoring and Rules:
  • Play all three difficulties - Easy, Medium and Hard. Add up your scores.
  • Set Communication Screens to ON.
  • For the completion star finish the hard races and come 1st overall. Screenshot the 'you won the hard level' message.

Get the Game:

  • Lemon's Round 11 thread is HERE.
  • Super Cars II 2016 Round 10 thread is HERE.
  • Super League Live Ladder.
  • Super League updates available via Twitter.

Live League Table:

All new players are welcome at any time. Join us!

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