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Gayle also has some registers for PCMCIA stuff and Interrupts. If you are already in the linux source take a look into /source/include/asm-m68k/amigayle.h. You should also look into AmigaOS' card.resource autodocs and /resource/card.h.

I guess, exec looks for a Gayle in those registers and if it doesn't find one scsi.device doesn't even start.

My findings on Gayle's registers so far are:
0xda0000	// Data
0xda0006	// Error | Feature
0xda000a	// Sector Count
0xda000e	// Sector Number
0xda0012	// Cylinder Low
0xda0016	// Cylinder High
0xda001a	// Device / Head
0xda001e	// Status | Command
0xda101a	// Control
0xda8000	// Gayle Status
0xda9000	// Gayle INTREQ
0xdaa000	// Gayle INTENA
0xdab000	// Gayle Config
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