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Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
That ninja enemy James' looks cool and badass.
Just my opinion but Dan needs a bit more work. Lose the shorts. Give him a pants. I'm not sure about the top he's wearing. I'm not sure about the shoes.
I like the fingerless gloves though and the ninja style belt. As it stands right now he doesn't look badass enough.

What about a more rustic street ninja approach?
Still looks like something I would enjoy playing.
Thanks for the nice remarks Adrian.
I had many remarks about Dan, some less polite ones...and one suggesting to have James as the main character!

The suit colour might play a role in making him look less badass, Toni said he looks lie a football player with the blue one.
I'll attach here some palette change that may make him look better.

The problem is Dan's sprite sheet is nearly complete, and it will be near impossible to do a major change to him now. Some things that can be done is adding small details to him, changing shoes also is easy. But changing the trousers is not.

Any major change can be done, but not after a successful Kickstarter.

Some changes I am thinking about now that I'll discuss with the sprite artist (who also did James), is to maybe alter the shoes and add some leg tattoos.

Van Damme in Blood Sports had the same type of trousers, that was my main inspiration:

Maybe adding some Kanji characters to the trousers side may also make it look better?

Here is other rough palette changes for Dan:

Black and red one look better I think.

and a new picture of James

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