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You can disagree with my opinions but what you wrote are your own which weren't very effective at making me change mine so what if I don't think there's anything interesting in your post to reply to?

My point: hard quests rewarding jack shit
Your response: "you just described Oblivion, not Morrowind."

Well so? That's your point. Further facts? 1.You said it after I did mine. 2.Dunno. Again the same thing about being wrong about UI. You disagree... ok I guess? Yet I'm still not convinced why I should think otherwise.

So what's left here to discuss? I'm not into so called vigorous arguments because it's way too nerdy even for me to try to put my opinions about an old crpg into a competition against someone else's. I do have nothing to add to this, why drag it more?

Sure I do listen your opinions but competing against them? I'd rather pvp in an MMO than do this.

Fanboyism: Did I call anyone a fanboy? No. Is there any point of your responding to this word? No. Provocation failed. If you want to be taken more seriously, don't start your argument with "your post is a joke" but if this is intented to trigger a flame war, "way to go". Insert dishonest smiley here.

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