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Originally Posted by pbareges
nowadays powerful machines are not sized for creation : object languages killed the sequential essence of programming and its hardlink with hardware, music trackers are way too complex and mainly techno oriented, games are boring and non creative, tools in general are way too professional...what is a kid looking for switching his computer on ? violent pure nonsense games, great rendering clueless games, internet shit to compensate for his laziness, cheap music and movies...
dude, that's pure crap. you obviously have developed some kind of tunnel vision.

example: music trackers. there's a really good tracker for windows:

you can still code in c on Windows, although c++ or c# or whatever you like. even basic, if you prefer.

Games: there's thousands of games on PC that are fun to play and not violent! Even Monkey Island 3 (or was it 4?), Warblade (great Galaga clone), and not to forget WinUAE!!!

get a clue. you can even run Linux if you hate M$!
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