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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
What are the installation requirements? I'm trying to install it but get loads of error messages that seem to say my bog standard Workbench 3.1 installation is incomplete.
Yes, it is a little bit Tricky. For a Install you need a clean Workbench Installation from a 1200 Magic packet.
Other Way:
For a Standard 3.1 and after Install these: Use the Workbench 3.5 and
- Copy all from Locale to your default 3.1 Installation
- Copy all Devs/Printers
- Copy all Devs/Keymaps
- Copy all Fonts
If the Install script miss Devs/keymaps/usa2. Copy Devs/Keymaps/GB as usa2.
And last. Open the rexx script "AT-Demo-Installer" and remove the line:
"IF LEFT(infoline,hdname_len)=hdname THEN bytesfree=WORD(infoline,4)*512"

Simple way: I upload my 23mb HDF.

[QUOTE=Crown;1236313]Hi Marty,

thanks a lot for sharing, great findings mate.

Could you make ISOs of the MeComp 2 Amiga CD-ROMs collection you have? it would be great

Originally Posted by Marty2AGA View Post
I found the letter pack packet in the cellar. MeComp had released 2 Amiga CD-ROMs (with shareware programs, demo games, scene demos, etc.) I still have.
Yes i do
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