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Cool Artwork Required

APoV needs you!

Specifically, it needs artists to create the following:

A collage of Amiga gaming imagery: screens, machines, game controllers, game characters.

An image to go at the top of the letters pages. As our 'letters' are going to be emails, something representing electronic correspondence would be cool. All glowing lines and 1s and 0s, that sort of thing.

Any original artwork that alludes to gaming and/or 'action' or 'fantasy' (akin to Oliver Frey's work for Crash and Zzap!). This could be used as a background to specific things such as a reader games chart, for example, as well as being sprinkled around the mag to liven pages up. Large or small, all welcome.

Work can be computer-created or scanned hand-drawn art.

Please send artwork to cornflake @

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