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Originally Posted by Daff View Post
Thanks for your support about proofreading. The text is currently corrected by Hobbe.
Currently? (that was yesterday)... the text is still the same

Some hints:

"You are the main developer of WinUAE, the most advanced Amiga emulator. But what have you do (in term of programming) before WinUAE ?"

do should be done

"Except you, who are the other people working nowdays on the development of WinUAE ? And what are their role in the team ?"

Except should be besides (imo)
nowdays should be nowadays

"How did you get involved in UAE ?"

in should be with (imo)

"The WinUAE code seems big and complex. How do you react when you replaced Brian King as main coder ?"

do should be did

etc etc etc

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