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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
Why is it that so few apple IIe games had 16 or more colours??
Prior to the introduction of the IIe with it's capability to display what they called "double hi-res" graphics, the II series had only an 8 color palette in hi-res, and a 16 color palette in lo-res (which was too blocky for most games). Out of those 8 colors, there were 2 different blacks, and 2 different whites, along with green, violet, orange and blue. Any games that needed more colors in hi-res used dithering to create the effect. With double hi-res, you had more colors available (I think), but it took a while for game developers to create many titles that used double hi-res, because they couldn't be run on any of the older II series machines. In a nutshell, that's why.
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