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Hello again,

I got the new lens and finally found the time to do the replacement which was really easy following your post.

I tested some CDs and:
- Audio CDs played better than they did with the old lens.
- CD-R games didn't play at all

Then I got another CD32 to test (which played everything perfectly) where I could check the voltage difference between pot pins as you explain.

I adjusted the pots in my CD32 trying to get values as close as possible to the other CD32. Funny enough, in one of the pots (FEB) I can only get negative values whereas in the “good” CD32 the voltage difference is a positive one. I discovered that the best position for this pot seems to be the lowest negative value in its rightmost position.

All and all, after all the adjustment I was able to read all the CD-Rs that I tried with the odd behavior that many times the CD starts spinning backwards and I need to switch off/on the CD32 to try again until it starts spinning normally and then reading the CD perfectly.

I read on another post that this backwards spinning issue might be due to a weak laser that could be fixed by playing carefully with the lens pot, I will try that during the week.

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