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Originally posted by thomas
IMHO this price is much too expensive. You can as well use the cnet.device and one of the supported PCMCIA network cards.

For the reset fix there is also a software solution on Aminet.

Now to the TCP/IP stack. The only free stack available is AmiTCP V2. But this is very hard to configure. If you can live with a time limit and some demo requesters, you should use Miami or Genesis demo. Or, if you even would spend about £50 for hardware, you could also spend this money on software.

Maybe I'm talking nonsense here and this Power-LAN is just a cheap network card + reset fix + registered TCP/IP stack, I don't know.
I just checked that cnet.device page and it seems that my laptop's PCMCIA LAN card is already supported!

How much would this software cost? And how difficult would it be to set up? Ive been setting up PC networks and stuff for years, but ive never touched it on the amiga.

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