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On an A1200 the blitter is still faster than the CPU at it's most important tasks (the CPU can match the blitter in copy & clear speed - they're about even for those tasks, but not for the more complicated blits - there the blitter is still clearly faster). Even when fast ram is added the blitter still beats the CPU for the more complicated blits (which are the ones that you need for making games).

It's only when you start adding a faster processor that the blitter starts looking rather weak. On the A4000, yeah - there the blitter wasn't that good.

But IMHO the main problem with AGA is not that the blitter was weak (you could say it was there just for backwards compatibility). The main problem with AGA is that chipram only has 7MB/sec of bandwidth for the CPU - at best.

This (again IMHO) is more of a problem than any of the other things AGA did or didn't do - including the slow graphics fetches at high resolutions. If the same 28MB/second bandwidth that Lisa got was available for the CPU as well, a lot more would have been possible.
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