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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Having underpowered sprites in combination with a bitmap-based system with an underpowered blitter is poison for gaming.
Well, AGA sprites are interesting. On the one hand they can cover a seriously large quantity of pixels (512 pixels wide/any height in 4 colour mode, 256 pixels wide in the 16 colour mode). On the other there are not nearly enough sprite channels.

So on the one hand the AGA machines can display similar numbers of sprite pixels when compared to either the SNES or the Mega Drive, but the latter two are more flexible in terms of splitting those sprite pixels into individual objects.

Ironically, this should've made the AGA machines quite good at displaying the old Amiga nemesis: the 2 player beat em up (which needs a few, but large objects), but no one seems to have bothered using sprites for AGA beat em ups.

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