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Off with the rose-colored glasses! The hard look back at your Amiga childhood

Many of us have fond memories of certain games they played for countless hours in their childhood and teen years. To young eyes, what some development teams managed to bring to the screen must have looked and sounded amazing, and with a limited library of similar games to choose from and compare to, we might have easily overlooked major flaws in these games. Let's face it: even "classic" games from the era often had severe gameplay issues that made them little more than graphic demos. This does not mean that a game must be bad; it's rather about games that are less impressive as a whole when viewed with the more analytical mind of an adult.

What are the games you thought were really awesome back in the day, but now realize how bad some of the design choices actually were?

I'l start with one I'm sure I'll get a lot of flak for

The Chaos Engine. By many considered to be THE definitive Amiga classic, I played through it a couple of times with my older brother as Navvie and Priest. When I tried to do so again with a friend recently using the HD version, we couldn't get farther than World 2-2 when it became frustratingly difficult. The main problem is the way ambushes work; You trigger some invisible point in the map and suddenly a horde of enemies appear, sometimes right on top of you, and you take too long to react or don't have enough firepower to kill them quickly enough before they run into you and take a large chunk of your health with them. When surviving a level means having to memorize these patterns, that game is not for me

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