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Post 90's "Pirate" Game

Hi there!

After browsing the forum I decided to create a new thread as I'm struggling with reminding myself of a title on Amiga that i loved to play.

1. The name of the game COULD include a word "pirate" as the main goal of the game was to roam with a pirate-like character in a horizontal view world.

2. The genre was probably adventure and platform combined.

3. Dates... 90's for sure, I played this game around 1997-1998?

4. I had the game on one of those small, black, square disk. No box as far as i remember.

5. I remember that from time to time I could see a sea and a ship but no interaction took place there. The pirate-like character was jumping, killing enemies with a sword and rescuing characters shouting "HELP!". There were shops on each level where you could buy new gear, I remember that I used to aim for a "flail" as a weapon. Your hero had several "lives" and coins were the currency.

I really loved this game, now i downloaded the amiga emulator on the PC however I do not have a game to play on. Could you please help me with the title of this old jewel game?

Thank you in advance!
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