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Originally Posted by Chat Rob 1 View Post
Yeah that's where the name comes from

A female Amigo
Er, slightly more complex: One of the original Boca Raton investors (mostly dentists) had a female "significant other" named Lorraine and the prototype was named after her. The designers and programmers finally got hold of the prototype chips (they had been working with software emulations on a Macintosh), they were upset with the hardware not working quite properly and were cussing out Lorraine very frequently. It was decided to refer to her as the Amiga (girl friend) so the investor would not be upset.

Originally Posted by merlin1968 View Post
Does anyone know where I put the screws from my A4000 when I took the board out to send it for repair?
Check the tea cup in your cupboard next to the flour tin.

Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Is there more use to Amiga keys than to resetting machine? Why inserting and ejecting disk is so loud?
Don't forget that the LAmiga + n & m key combination act to switch program windows, somewhat vaguely like the Alt-Tab key in Windows.

You must have a loud FDD, most of mine are pretty quiet. Pretty much a standard amount of noise from all (including PCs) drives. Even a Mac's soft eject makes a noise.

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
That's probably how it is. The OS does not allow to switch the numerical keypad into a different mode so that Home etc. work.

There are some applications, though, which allow to interprete the numerical keys as cursor movements. For example CygnusED. But this is not globabl but only inside CygnusEd. And it's not switched by the NumLock key but by an option in the menu.
As I recall, WordPerfect (one of the worse programs carried over) also uses these.

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