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Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post

Exciting use for us in NTSC land. If I remember to boot the system in PAL mode with the mouse and leave the indivision defaulted to PAL mode it will play pal games perfectly. I must have also lucked out because my Dell LCD is also a TV and handles 50hz correctly for a tear free gaming experience. I tried the scan line emulation and it looks completely wrong on my monitor, but I bet it looks ok on a CRT.

Very very happy with the product. Now I just need to get the RF shield back on.
It even works ok with my DELL 19" widescreen LCD which is not also a TV (ie it's 50hz compatible). WB would look a bit funny though unless I used the new 'widescreen' HighGFX driver

Don't worry about the silly RF shield, waste of time trying to put it back on.
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