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Us Amiga users here in the States never had to worry about cops because the software industry couldn't be bothered with Amiga warez traders (not in the USA!) They probably cared about some of the WHQ for several groups. My fav BBS was Ice Station Zebra. Another I used to call was the GOD WHQ, The Boiler Room. Once I called the LSD WHQ, but I thought they were quite rude. I'd typed up the docs to a game that was not on any of the docs disks, but they couldn't be bothered. Not exactly the impression you'd expect to get from them from looking at their disks.

I'm still pissed at LSD for that one...

And my months as a courier were very interesting, but very expensive. If the LD calls were free, I'd have loved it. But I could not just be a mere courier (that's work for the labour force!), so I became a sysop.
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