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I used to...

When entering uni, I discovered the joys of IRC (those joys are now totally lost to me), and especially #amigawarez on undernet.

I got acquinted with some UK guy called Ruskie who taught me some things about DevPac, keyfiles and so on, and I quickly began developing keymakers. I remember being severely excited when I suddenly saw a keyfile of mine being traded, and even mentioned on a board somewhere.

But soon the lame-ness began. While I did this for the challenge, others started comparing keyfile creators with one another, and looking which one was released first. Soon, I began to screen the new submissions at Aminet, in order to be able to quickly run home with a shareware title and try and hack its keyfile system. Needless to say, many a night's sleep was lost, and ultimately some very sloppy keymakers were released. I quit the thing then.

(Sidenote: I always wanted to relive the kick of finding out the keyfile check routines, so I guess I'll dive into WHDLoad (or whatever it's called) someday).
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