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Superbyte Festival and Back in Time Live - Manchester, UK, September 2013

Hey guys,

Back to back events for computer-music fans are going to be held in the second weekend of September in Manchester, UK!

First off there's Superbyte Festival, which is the 13th and 14th of September. Added to all the fantastic music lineup (which includes performances by some Amiga heads like me and TDK) there's workshops and game tournaments to get you going. Highly recommended. I'll be playing my Amiga DJ set so if you liked those videos and mixes I uploaded, you should come on over to see it live. I'll be mixing what I consider the best of Amiga-made dance music from today and yesterday, as well as my own Amiga tunes and remixes and whatnot.

Then on the Sunday 15th of September, Back in Time live returns, with performances by the legendary Jeroen Tel and 8bitweapon. They also are having a charity auction and other nice shops for you to buy stuff. More details here:

Come say hi if you drop by!
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