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Originally Posted by sonninnos View Post
Directory filesystem is just a directory that is mounted as a harddisk in WinUAE. It won't be simple to configure with an external launcher though..

I've made my own emulator launcher abstractor which upon launch via EmulationStation goes like this:
- ES scans a directory full of ".whd" files (the extension does not matter, it can be anything, as long as ES scans it), which only contain the name of the wanted directory and is named such, like "Syndicate.whd" has just "Syndicate" inside as plain text
- That plain text will be written to a file called "whdboot" inside a path that is mounted as a directory filesystem
- Amiga is launched with just the default config resembling an exact A1200 I have IRL
- Startup-sequence will examine if the "whdboot" is found, and if so, reads the innards, chdirs to that directory and executes a predefined script, which includes "whdload whatever.slave preload etc."

And in WinUAE I have a boot.hdf mounted as DH0:, game directory as DH1: and a temp directory as DH2:

Sure there are hoops. But there is no clear cut way even with single HDF's without renaming and editing stuff inside the Amiga. This way I get the best of both worlds: Either start a config like I would start a real Amiga, or I can launch a game directly.

And of course if game specific savestates are also wanted (and why would they not), that needs to be defined as a parameter to WinUAE also. Too bad if a savestate path is defined, WinUAE will autoload it directly. An option for that would be great.

looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me then thanks so much for all the help. I'll let you know how I get on
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