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Originally Posted by Bobic View Post
Hi everyone,

it's nice to hear that BTTR is still in your mind and keep you interested! That feels really great after all those years!
What I can say is, that BTTR is still alive. As ADz already mentioned is the new address. Hippie2000 will also bring everything back online what's currently missing. So stay tuned!
Following this great statement, I can only thank you loads Bobic for coming here and reassure us all about BTTR's fate.
As you saw here (and let me tell you a least a dozen other Amiga places around the web reacted in similar ways), YES the Amiga community still cares very much about your baby!! I certainly speak a LOT of people's mind when I say that BTTR is always an important of the current Amiga landscape on the net, and its seeming disappearance could but provoke an emotional response (I particularly speak for myself here! )

Might I add that, should Hippie2000 had taken the time to drop this tiny wee bit of info that he wasn't in fact letting it all down go to the drain without even a look back (like some of us hurried to conclude -- and I'm certainly more guilty than anyone of it), some harsh comments, dicted by frustration and disappointment to see such a precious Amiga resource falling into limbo like so many before it, would have been spared (once again, guilty as charged here).

In my defense, I would say this: like countless others, I'm an ardent and long-time Amiga fan, who still cares much about what is still standing today for me as the greatest micro-comp-... Fuck that: the greatest COMPUTER ever conceived, period.
Of course the Amiga scene is nothing like what it was, but there still IS a scene of sorts. Any sign of that scene (or part of it) being endangered and I draw my claws out! Can't just seem to be ready and let go of my Amiga addiction is my only crime.

Well, in any case your post makes my day, and I can't wait to have the content all back.
So a lot many cheers and hails to you & Hippie2000 + long live BTTR!
-- SunChild

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