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Originally Posted by Bobic View Post
Hi everyone,

it's nice to hear that BTTR is still in your mind and keep you interested! That feels really great after all those years!

I've founded BTTR back in 1998 together with Hippie2000 and this project was and still is an important part of my life. We spent so much time in that baby... But as most of you might know and might be able to understand, more important things appear in your life when you're getting older (family, building a house, etc. - not enough spare time any more to maintain such a big site). So I had to keep my focus on other things...

Today I visited EAB again and noticed this thread. I didn't know what happened to, so I contacted Hippie2000, who has always been the tech guy in our team. Now I know what's going on and I'm up-to-date again.

What I can say is, that BTTR is still alive. As ADz already mentioned is the new address. Hippie2000 will also bring everything back online what's currently missing. So stay tuned!

Also I'd like to send greetings over to RCK, Akira and all other old mates! Thanks for your support, your help and nice to see that you're still alive and kicking!
Nice to hear from you, thanks for your statement.
We love BTTR!

greetings from Germany
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