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Need help with A3000 SCSI


I got an ACARD ARS 2000-SUP SCSI to SATA adapter for my A3000, to replace the old drive. I've used a similar ACARD device on my A4000 with good success, but I can't get the thing working on the A3000.

I put in a SATA drive which I had first formatted using WinUAE (I connected it to 'SCSI0' in WinUAE, not sure if it matters). However, when I put the drive in the A3000 it comes up as unknown in HDToolBox (3.1).

I can define a new drive type, read configuration, partition etc. on the A3000 but when I try to save the changes I get error -3 (unsupported command or something to that effect).

The A3000 is clearly recognizing the drive to some effect, I can't do anything in HDToolBox with just the empty adapter plugged in.

I've also tried another drive, and while I get a different manufacturer name pop up in HDToolBox, saving changes still does not work.

Anyone have some ideas as to what to try next?

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