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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
FYI ... Hi Freaks (Intro) by Supplex & The Silents ->

Just noticed on latest (todays) the above demo problem returned back ... the last version where it was working fine is 2013-12-21 15:12 !!!
Should work again (but it had nothing to do with recent changes, they only showed yet another older problem)

Its a little strange, but official is compiled with VC10 and test version VC 13, right ?! ... maybe something there causing the problem !!!
This can wait until real beta comes which will use heavier optimization settings.

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
And also from Demos with "most likely CPU emulator timing" issues:
Rampage (Trackmo) by The Electronic Knights ... the music doesnt missing now on "naked lady" part !!!
This is now fully fixed. (Remember that corruption happens when "landscape" part starts, do not attempt to test it by loading statefile saved later)
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