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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Copper Intro (Intro) by Tracheen

A500 OCS/ECS KS1.2/1.3 ... glitches ... pic.1 !!!

Another BBS Intro (Intro) by Tragedy

A500 OCS/ECS ... Exception 3 !!!

Rebirth (Demo) by Tribe

A500 OCS/ECS ... most likely CPU timing -> pic.2 !!! (Note: It doesnt happen if 68020 is used, but anyway -> how it behaves on a real ECS Amiga ?!)

Axes High (Demo) by Triflex & Bad

A500 OCS/ECS ... pic.3 !!!

The End (Demo) by Trilobit & Flo

A500 ECS 1mb ... just wondering, does the glitches on scrolltext appears also on a real Amiga ... pic.4 ?!

Anti-Consider-Demo (Intro) by Triplex

This is a joke, right ?!

Multipart Demo (Demo) by Tronix

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... strange lines before scrolling text ... pic.5 !!!
All A500 confirmed.
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