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For educating those for whom are younger on this system by showing them it running (it's important to me that it be known due to its influence), my niece for when she comes over, my ex-fiancee loved it when I would put something cute on for her such as Globdule or Rodland.

Also there are those from Asian countries, friends of mine that never had the Amiga in their prospective nations, friends that heavily into IT so again it's a history lesson for them. '

And for myself, it's nostalgia, sharing with those aforementioned people and it's still an escape from time to time when the world becomes a little too much, to take me back to a better time

Oh and finally, it's the artistry behind the software, the beautifully drawn pixel art within demo's and games and the unique sounds it can produce such as what the C64 does with it's SID chip..etc
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