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Lots of superb game tunes have already been mentioned, so I won't go there.
But a few demoscene tunes:
- From Captain (
Space Debris and Beyond Music. Simply b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t !
- From Jogeir Liljedahl (
so many, but to mention few gems: Signia, Mixified, Face Another Day 2...
- Dizzy ( many songs too,
but lets pick Towards and Back especially.

Well I could pick those masterpieces all night long, but lets just for example mention
the following composers as well:
- Bruno
- Groo
- Heatbeat
- Lizardking
- Mantronix/Tip/Firefox either separately or co-op tunes
- Virgill
...and the list goes on and on....
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