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haha, nice speeds, all of them are faster then mine atm... BUT that will change..

Got to test a real PPC app last night, found a PPC version of quake, got it to use the ChunkyPPC library thingy, was just awesome.. felt so strange, seeing quake on an Amiga, last time I saw it on my old 030 I got like 2fps if I was lucky (Clickbooms Demo thingy). Using the PPC just for chucky to planer stuff is a pretty sweet idea...

Also let me test the temprature afterwoods, the heatsink was barely warm.

*Hijacks own thread. *
Did some research on OS4, why does it disable the 68k processor, I would of though it, could of used it for Old skool compatability? seems a bit stupid to me. Maybe I wont get it, till there is a real 68k emu thingy.
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