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winuae install problems

hi ive been using amigas for a long time but my hardware just died so i thought id give winuae a try

ive read all the readme and faqs but i must be missing something.

so far ive got my 3.1 roms and my 3.1/3.5 install cd (ive had it for about 10 years) ive got winuae to boot to the emergency floppy and emergency cd section on the cd ive set up a directory called wb35 and followed the install instructions on a website but im having problems with several things from there

cant seem to format and adf
cant install main part of 3.5 as it causes guru 8000000b when i reboot and i have to start from scratch when this happens
the installer will not let me choose my boot directory on 3.5 but it will on 3.1

so far ive only been able to boot from a 3.1 emergency disk created by the cd

would appreciate any help that i can get - im not affraid of a manual install

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