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For the tabs, give me couple days and I'll write the idea completely.
I'm looking forward to it.

For the last opened tab, I would say option to have one of them to be default would work too. (don't have to memorize which one was last time opened)
Ok, I'll keep it in mind.

I would worry about performance as most of Fellow users are on low spec computers. I can say that I don't care about portability, but I'm sure you guys have reasons to port the emulator.
I'm very aware of the fact that one of the strongpoints of WinFellow is performance. The current 50% performance hit with SDL in windowed mode is unacceptable for Windows users. For Linux users, there is no DirectX and I don't know how performance will be on Linux. There is hope for SDL, since fullscreen mode shows equal performance.

How hard is to understan WinFellow source code? I had some C++ classes and I don't have any expirance with emulators. Is it hard to learn?
That's a difficult question. Are you experienced with programming C? The best way is to download the source and look into it.
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