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Amiga Game Packs

I know Amiga Packs have sort of been discussed before on this forum
but I thought I'd start a new post off with a twist.

Below are the Amiga computer packs I used to own.....

Amiga 500+ 'Cartoon Classics' Pack

Captain Planet, Lemmings, The Simpsons - Bart Vs The Space

Mutants and Deluxe Paint III.

Amiga 600 - The Wild! The Weird! The Wicked Pack

Microprose Grand Prix, Pushover, Putty and Deluxe Paint III.

Amiga 1200 - Desktop Dynamite Pack

Dennis, Oscar, Digita Wordsworth and Deluxe Paint IV (AGA)

Over time I managed to collect two other Amiga 1200 game packs....

Amiga 1200 - Race 'N' Case Pack

Nigel Mansell World Champion & Trolls

Amiga 1200 - Amiga Magic Pack

Pinball Mania, Whizz, Personal Paint 6.4 & Digita Wordsworth

The question/s, well two actually are....

1 - Which packs did you have, if any?

2 - Which Game/s did you play over and over again?

Although I loved ALL my Amiga's, my personal favourite pack was Amiga 500+ 'Cartoon Classics' Pack that had, in my opinion, the best selection in it.

I would quickly play Captain Planet & The Simpsons - Bart Vs The Space Mutants and maybe even have a quick go on Deluxe Paint III. BUT it was Lemmings which had me coming back time and time again. I was hooked day and night and I even used to dream about how to get over some of the later levels.

Graphically now, yes its a bit blocky, mostly due to our HD Screens but its an awesome looking game with great catchy music and even better gameplay made simply amazing by the "Let's Go!" words at the begining of every level! You actually had feelings for these little guys and had to get them home safely.

Anyway, that's my first 'OWN' post of, hopefully many to come!

Catch ya all later

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