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Luck good/bad is a goofy mindset. Something either works, or doesn't. It will work or it won't...there isn't any "maybe" or superstition.

The segment mode message in that installer can be ignored. That's what I did. anyway. I ignored it and went through it. My Picasso 4 wasn't in segment mode. But I brought it to attention to this form in a different thread. That's why I commented here about newer P96..vs an older beta update to more current.

Tony has also added Picasso 4 Zorro 2 and Zorro 3 modes to WinUAE since then. At some point I'll test those more. But I've been doing a lot of other stuff with my real A4000 and WinUAE lately.

I'm not using MapROM.. With OS it's not really _need_. It's a bit quicker than OS 3.5, and is like 3.9 got kicked in the ass to actually function better. Haha! Great job with the continued support - all involved.
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