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Talking about mid 80ies to 1990:

From my middle european point of view I'd say the Amiga had a huge standing here. Like, everybody I knew had one.

PCs were usually equipped with CGA or EGA cards, both of which looked horrible (CGA) to sub par (EGA). VGA wasn't really a thing until 1990/91, but then it was over for the Amiga, imo.
Everybody I knew wanted a VGA PC, since the "AAA" game production of that time went over to the PC immediately with its shiny 256 colours, and the Amiga was relegated to get a lame ugly port a year later.

The X68000 wasn't a thing here, I haven't even heard about it until mid 2000s, I think.

Like I wrote above, I had the most fun with games that would have almost been the same on the ST.

The Amiga's custom chipset almost made no difference for action games until 1990 when Turrican came out, with the sole exception of Shadow of the Beast.
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