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Hooooo gb_copinit and gb_LOFlist confusion

After a rather long hiatus, I'm back to try Amiga coding again \o/

However, I wrote some code like 3 years ago and I can't remember how it works

Can anyone explain how this code works?

          move.l     gb_copinit(a6), COP1LC(a5)    ; restore original CopperList 1
          move.l     gb_LOFlist(a6), COP2LC(a5)    ; restore original CopperList 2
I found info on why I did that few years ago, but i can't seem to remember where.

The docs state:
APTR    gb_copinit        ; struct *copinit; ptr to copper start up list
APTR    gb_LOFlist        ; current copper list being run
but if gb_LOFlist is current list, isn't that just putting my CL, which is the current one at this point, into COP2LC?

Also, ptr to copper start up list? Not sure what that even means?

Please help

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