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When having this discussion you need to be very careful to stay grounded firmly in the era of games you are looking at. There is no point in comparing a games from the early 90s to games now that people are more used to as game play mechanics have completely changed.

In my mind games these days are easier but longer. They quickly reward the player releasing those all important endorphins that keep you playing and when they do hurt you there's often a micro transaction to ease the pain.

Back in the 90s games were shorter so had to be difficult to get any length to them. They had to ambush and punish you and you had to learn the curve and "get good" to get anywhere in them. To the OP I note you said you did beat Chaos Engine back in the day so why can't you do it now. Might I suggest you don't have the patience (and possibly even the time) to sit and play it as much as you did years ago and as such the game punishes you accordingly.

Don't get me wrong there are crap, really crap, utter foul smelling rotten poo filled dumpster fire crap games on the Amiga but there are also good games.

A good game in the 90s remains a good game.

A crap game from the 90s remains a crap game.

The Chaos Engine is a great game.

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