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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
I had assumed it was a DOS game first and foremost given the better graphical features.
Yeah, I guess they just decided to harness the extra horsepower and texture mapping styles in fashion on the PC at the time. To be honest I don't think the texture mapping has aged well, and the clean polygons of the Amiga version look better. But the PC version was certainly more advanced.

I'd love to see someone revisit Frontier on the Amiga to fix the mining system and to possibly expand on the ship controls to add lateral and vertical thrusters.
There've been a few updates to the original version that fixed the various bugs, though I've found some of these run slower than the original game. The CD32 version IIRC has all those bugs fixed, and even has the flight computer feature from First Encounters for easily selecting destinations, and runs fine when copied to a hard drive. I don't have any links available, right now, but I'm pretty sure at least some patches were available on Aminet...

Edit: I should add that they don't add lateral thrusters though unfortunately...

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