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Floppy disk Getting back into coding. But does this work on a REAL Amiga?


I had the urge to try my hand at a bit of 68k on the Amiga. Its been a very long time but its surprising what you still remember!

I dont have a real Amiga anymore so im using vasm/winuae.

Thing is I noticed that if the emulator is running in windowed mode I can see the copper "wait" positions to the left of the screen. If I resize the window they are off screen. They are not visible if winuae is in full screen mode either.

Heres a screen capture incase my explanation is a bit poor

So what causes this? Is it an issue with the emulator or is it an issue with my code?

Basically does my little demo effect work on a real amiga? If it does then it may motivate me to continue with it

Here's a link to the amiga executable (rustycopper1)
Made for A500 1.3 OCS PAL

If it freezes with a red or yellow screen then it couldnt allocate enough chip mem. Thats as far as i go with error handling - at least until i figure out how you write text to the cli on kickstart 1.3

Just in case I failed completely and it doesnt work at all. Then I uploaded a (very poor) rip to youtube here...
[ Show youtube player ]
Dont know what went on with the capture as its a lot smoother than that

Happy to upload the source too if anyone feels like a good laugh.

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