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Originally Posted by Retro1234 View Post
There's another JoyMouse on the CD32 construction kit I've used one of them with ShapeShifter Because ShapeShifter never kills the Amiga OS its fully OS friendly that's why MacJoy works its just a Workbench app can be used with anything Workbench the Author just called it MacJoy.

Edit: Infact I just tried JoyMouse from Aminet with Shapeshifter and it works perfectly?
Got both Joymouse and MacJoypad working. There's a setting in Shapeshifter, "Direct mouse polling" that needs to be disabled to get MacJoypad working. Also, I figured that "FreeWheel" also has to be disabled to get MacJoypad working. (maybe both use lowlevel.library and conflict)

And you're right, Shapeshifter really is Amiga OS friendly.

Pretty nice, Mac version of PoP working on the CD32 with joypad only.
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