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Originally Posted by Bruce Abbott View Post
I had an A3010 and compared to my Amigas it sucked. The CPU might have been more powerful, but you would never know it because the rest of the system was frustratingly under powered. And I couldn't get any software for it, so what was the point?
Which part of the "system" was slow? My only frustration with the ARM250 series was they were limited to 4Mb of Ram and they could only use the first 512K as "chip" ram. The IDE interface was buffered and performed better than the A1200, the DMA had better throughput. It could do 1Mhz sound (yes 1MHZ) and happlily does VGA resolutions. So i'm confused about what was slow?

The number of games ported was lower i guess.

EDIT: if you still have that A3010 i'll buy it from you. it has one of the best TV modulator circuits i've ever seen.

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