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Originally Posted by Gilbert View Post

I stand corrected on the SNES sound chip and I agree Amiga had better sound quality but a lot of games really suffer on the Amiga trying to manage sound effects and music with just 4 channels. You often get awesome title screen music and then a much-reduced soundtrack when playing the game..
yep that's right, 4 audio channels for music+sound fx , most games suffer from this
but please note some good developers like factor 5 and others invented a 7 voice audio technology

you can see the in the game BC kid there is music + sound fx + ambient noise ( wind, waterfalls, etc), that's was fantastic for only 4 channels
Turrican series also have 7 voice technology mixing fantastic music with fantastic sound fx very well

in the game Onescapee AGA also there is a mix of music+soundfx+ ambient noise

The problem was this was complicated to implement for most developers, most of them lacked the sufficient knowledge in Amiga hardware to implement this, then some games were inferior to the consoles related to music+soundfx together
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