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The gameplay reminds me of Hotline Miami (cf Retro News thread where a similar but old school looking game is mentioned). And I have been thinking about brining these modern takes on the Amiga as well (just thinking, no time for anything else).

There is a lot on screen but many of these things are small and could be rendered with multiplexed sprites, the rest being handled by the Blitter. It would be tough but seems doable.

Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Given that most people that seem/are capable of creating any game on the Amiga seem/are more into discussing how to do it rather than doing it and/or simply giving up somewhere along the way, I'd say chances are rather slim. Not going to comment on how possible such a game would be on the Amiga, but I really encourage anybody to show that it can be done rather than just saying that it would be possible
I sure hope you realize that since you have no way of knowing what these people are _actually_ doing in their spare time then you can only be speculating about whether or not they are "doing it". Also, why exactly should they be doing it if that is not their priority? Do they owe us anything?

I sure will not be assuming anything about what others are doing. It is their choice, their time, their priorities and I am in no position to affirm or even less guess whether discussing these things prevent them from doing other stuff.

We can only speak for ourselves and knowing that it is doable or not is valuable information. People who want to learn and code can use it instead of waiting for others to do it.

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