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SRename 3.10 beta 2 is available at:

Change log:

- Bugfix: Numbering filenames without using wildcards was broken since
version 3.7.1.

- Bugfix: In beta 1 'Word' selector didn't accept -1 (to select all)
as number of words to select.

- Bugfix: Destination path handling was still broken in beta 1.

- Bugfix: DOS 'object already exists' error was not displayed in beta 1
when automatic filename conflict handling was disabled.

- Option 'NoAutoRen' was renamed to 'NoAutoConflict' to better indicate
disabling of automatic handling of filename conflicts.

- Removed 'LFname' because it only allowed a single filename to be
supplied and was not practical for use with a file manager.
Added the 'NoPat' option to disable pattern matching when needed, like
when SRename is used with a file manager.

- Removed the 'AS' alias for the 'TO' action, it was there just for OS
rename command compatibility. SRename no longer aims to be an OS
rename command replacement.

- Removed 'SamePath' option from 'TO' action and made it the default
behaviour. Added in it's place the "UseCD' option to use current dir as
the destination.

- Changes to usage text output.

- Added a 68000 binary to the package. Minimum requirement is still OS 3.

- Updated the SRename button bank for Opus Magellan II. Now it uses
pop-up menus and takes up less screen space. Configured to use the
Amikit 8 theme but also works fine without it.
Also more rename operations were added to the previous 72. Now more
than 100 are included and also a help button.
The updated button bank will not work correctly with older SRename
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