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Please spank me hard if I'm wrong but it looks like this situation still isn't resolved right?

It's really a pain because there are millions (well, not really but quite a few) sites in the Amiga community which point to back2roots and of course all fail.
It's as if nobody cared to maintain completely dead links to what's supposed to be a pretty central Amiga data repository. Weird.

What does he need to solve this domain name issue? Domains usually don't cost that much but I could understand why back2roots might be in high demand and thus much more expensive than the average site. I would gladly donate a bit if it could help him get rid of the issue once and for all.

(Also, that person should read their emails more often, letting a domain name expire requires quite some effort given how easy renewal is these days... )

No need to spank me guys, I'll do it myself.

I just found I had missed this post:
Originally Posted by Bobic View Post
What I can say is, that BTTR is still alive. As ADz already mentioned is the new address. Hippie2000 will also bring everything back online what's currently missing. So stay tuned!
However, this doesn't solve the issue that most Amiga related websites still point to the old completely obsolete domain.

A large number of Amiga sites mention back2roots on their pages as a reference so newcomers will be attracted to it only to end up on a completely broken site with no explanations, it's not exactly good publicity.

What can we do to change that?

On EAB, the old links could be automatically updated to point to the new site (or some kind of addendum posted: "Admin note: this is a dead link, valid one now is ...").

As for other sites obviously their maintainers should be contacted but frankly if a newbie in the community like me does it the message is bound to be ignored with a "do your homework and go to the new site".

I guess some kind of organized request from EAB could help them understand that dead links are detrimental to Amiga awareness?

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