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ODAMEX v0.6.4 ported to Amiga 68k

This is my third (and final!) Amiga 68k DOOM port.

I ported this ages ago using my SDL library, it basically worked OK but was very slow (even on my super fast 060) so I had to spend ages to make it run a bit better on retro HW.

It's still not exactly fast and never will be because it's so complicated....this is the most advanced 68k port of DOOM ever

If you are only after speed, I'd recommend my 060 port of BOOM or maybe the old DoomAttack port (depending on your CPU speed and feature requirements).

ODAMEX will be built for both 060 AGA and 040 RTG, no music support yet but I plan to add 'real' MIDI playback and Prisma support

I don't have much time for Amiga coding these days so I've only given it very limited testing, seem to work 'OK'.

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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
This port uses AHI, it's really important that people use v4.18 of AHI with one of the 'FAST' modes set to be used in the AHI Prefs otherwise it will run slow on a real Amiga (this is true for any of my ports that use AHI).

BTW Boing Bags 3/4 will upgrade your Amiga to v6.x of AHI so check what version you are actually running.
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