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Originally Posted by -Acid- View Post
I think it is different. I don't think Amiga fans dream of new hardware but an OS which uses today's hardware. An Amiga OS that runs directly on today's PC architecture is probably most users' dream scenario
The interest that many people exhibit for the Vampire 600 demonstrates that people are easily lured into wanting non-Amiga hardware as long as it is tied to their Amiga. It does really not matter that it is an entirely new computer, as long as it has some measure of compatibility and you can strap it to the Amiga it seems they will flock en masses to buy it. Logic, reason, all flying throug the window in the process.

Humans are not rational beings, if something attaches to another they feel it is not a foreign body but just an extension of the original body, even if the thing completely overrides and replaces it.
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