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My question is...


If you love the dreamcast and want to play the old games, go on ebay and search "sega dreamcast"

if you want to play fifa 16 you can use ps4, ps3, xbox360,one, pc

if its a new machine its not a dreamcast.

The dreamcast was a niche machine that had ports of ps2 games and several sega arcade games and shenmue. It was a machine of its time and came into an era where people just wanted to play tomb raider, fifa 2000, resident evil etc which were generic multi format titles and whilst the dreamcast had shenmu which was loved by many devoted fans, it was pretty much ignored by mainstream gamers and the console could not survive on its tiny fan base.
Even if for arguments sake it was as powerful as a ps4, so what? it would have dreamcast emulation to run old games? my laptop can run dreamcast games and the ps4/xboxone has all the next gen games covered.

it has 20k signatures which in the grand scheme of things is a pretty pathetic figure if you are trying to recoup the money you have just spent creating a new console and getting sega teams to "re imagine" old sega titles etc.

Most gamers today were in nappies when the dreamcast was around so people will not care or remember the console.

its like saying oooh lets make the spectrum +4 and bring back the good old days...



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