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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
I'd probably get the clockport version that way I can use it with the X-Surf or clockport devices? If I understand that correctly, there's no drawback this way? (Other than the price of course!)
That's correct: You can remove the insulation and all cables, then install it on the X-Surf-100. This is non-destructive, meaning, you can put everything back in place and have it as shipped (well, maybe apart from some fingerprints on the plastic ;-)). Snap a pic before you disassemble, so you know where and which way round all the small parts go ;-)

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
If I get the clock port version will the internal header work for my front USB card reader in tandem with the rear ports?
RapidRoad has two USB ports only. If you put the card on the X-Surf-100, it will activate the two rear USB ports of the networking card. You *can* use the internal header, but you MUST leave the corresponding rear port(s) of the X-Surf-100 unused.

The header has standard pinout: 10-pin with key, as you can find them on many motherboards. Pretty much any internal USB thing should work. This header is active on both version of RapidRoad, so no requirement to buy the Clockport version if you want to connect something internal on the X-Surf-100.

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