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Originally posted by Amigaboy
You're wrong. This is the sort of thing that acts as an aphrodisiac for Twistin'Ghost
Except for this moment (so pissed off at my friends who talk my ear off on the phone for hours that I feel like basejumping off the planet Earth!). Surely my chagrin will result in an ulcer. I probably spend 1/4 of my life on the phone and I ABHOR phones! I often turn my phone off at home, but I don't have that luxury here at work. </rant> Regardless, LOL!
Originally posted by Chuckles
Just FYI (if anybody cares), Falcon was published in Europe by Mirrorsoft, but in the U.S., it was published by Spectrum Holobyte. As for the year it was published, my manual lists a copyright date of 1987, while the "About" screen in the game (for version 1.0) says 1988. My guess is that's probably more useless info than anybody probably cares about though, just so long as the program works properly.
The game was indeed first published in the US on the PC by Spectrum Holobyte in 1987, hence the copyright date (for the game itself) in your manual. The 1988 therefore refers to the US release date for the Amiga version, and 1989 for Mirrorsoft's packaging of the game for the European market.
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